Leadership Consulting Services

D2H Leadership Consulting provides exceptional leadership consulting capacity to help improve the leader development effectiveness of any organization in the public or private sector. Through assessment, analysis, and engaged counsel and coaching brings positive and effective leadership change, valuation and innovative personnel development to every client.

As a values based leadership consulting organization, D2H Leadership Consulting, LLC is committed to ensuring positive, measurable and enduring ethical outcomes for the needs of the client – central to overall business success.

Senior Level Experience

Lead Consultant, David Huntoon, brings forty years of leadership experience in an executive coaching role to create positive and measurable organization climate effectiveness, strategic communications skills, and risk management for organizational leaders.

Specific Domain Areas and Industries

D2H Leadership Consulting, LLC is capable of increasing the productivity and leader development excellence of a broad range of sectors including defense, aerospace, education, information technology, health care, intelligence, manufacturing, research and development, non-profit organizations, professional societies, and waste management.

In-Depth Competencies

  • Proven success in crafting and clarifying enduring, workable visions, missions, goals and objectives, and providing reinforcing and embedding mechanism to sustaining organizational success in the face of complex change.
  • Broad experience in innovative leader development creating success in diverse and complex organizations; providing strategies to overcome common leadership challenges in an era of constant change.
  • Significant leadership experience internationally, and, a global perspective on today’s volatile, complex, and ever changing worldwide markets.